Executive Board

Patrick Seifter Profile Picture

LD 24 Chair - Patrick Seifter

Patrick Seifter is a native Arizonan from Cochise County originally and has been an activist for over fifteen years. He is also a painter that has had pieces featured in exhibits including the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMOCA) and has a degree in history from ASU's College of Letters and Sciences.

His first time volunteering was for Howard Dean in 2003 and then the Democratic Coordinating Committee in 2004. Since then he has been an activist, as well as volunteering for the campaigns of Harry Mitchell and Jim Pederson in 2006, Barack Obama in 2008, and Felicia Rotellini in 2010. In 2012 Patrick became a summer fellow with Obama for America and the senior organizer for Arizona State Students for Barack Obama.

In 2016 Patrick supported Bernie Sanders before going all in for Hillary Clinton and being elected as 2nd Vice-chair of LD 24 Democrats.

"This past year [2016], in the Democratic Party, we saw the daughter of the first African-American President cast her vote for the first woman major party nominee for President, a nominee who won a primary against the most successful Jewish presidential candidate in American history."

That is the type of Democratic Party Patrick strives to foster in LD 24. He was elected chair in November of 2016 and will work to ensure that LD 24 remains one of the most inclusive, accessible, and active districts in the state.

Krista Pacion Profile Photo

LD 24 1st Chair - Krista Pacion

Krista Pacion likes stories, like the one where she met her future husband while volunteering for the Howard Dean campaign in 2003. Or there's the one where she introduced Howard Dean at a women's forum in 2005, left to change for the big Democratic dinner that night, got into an accident--guy ran a stop sign--went to St. Joe's (the same hospital she was born in, yeah, she's a native Arizonan!), saw Governor Napolitano visiting a patient, then got discharged and went to the Democratic dinner anyway--because why not?--where she met AG Terry Goddard and Howard Dean because somehow in all the work of 2005, she was awarded the Democratic Precinct Committee Person of the Year award. True Story.

Other stories surround Krista, I mean, she's experienced a lot in her 15 year tenure in Democratic politics, like a stint as the Pinal County Democrats Treasurer, 2016 Delegate for Hillary Clinton, and 5 years as the President of Emerge Arizona, a role she recently stepped down from, leaving with the largest number of Emerge Arizona women running for office and the best year of fundraising in Emerge Arizona history.

Krista regularly volunteers and hosts candidate fundraisers, owns and occasionally writes for DemocraticDiva.com, and is raising two future women leaders. She loves being the First Vice Chair of LD24 and is proud of the great work happening there.

Krista has never met Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Joe Biden or Michelle Obama but wishes she could (anyone want to pull some strings?). Ask Krista about the time she almost met Nancy Pelosi. It's another great story.

Jade Richardson Profile Photo

LD 24 2nd Chair - Jade Richardson

Jade is LD24's second vice-chair, recently elected in November 2017. Jade is an Engineer at one of the worlds leading medical device manufacturer's right here in Phoenix, and a graduate from Arizona State University. Jade grew up in Southern Colorado and hails from a strong Democratic family. Her Grandfather and Uncle served as County Commissioner of Conejos County and served as school board members for their local districts. Jade also comes from a family of educators and teachers, education a focal point of family values. Jade is committed to influencing change not just in LD24, but across the state, championing progressive values and diversity and inclusion for all. She is looking forward to the hard work ahead to turn Arizona blue in 2018 and 2020! Jade and her wife live in Loma Linda where they both serve as PCs.


LD 24 Outreach Chair - Dominique Medina

Dominique is an award-winning New Media Manager with nine years of experience in digital organizing, content, list building, and web development. He creates and implements new media policies that exponentially increase voter and constituency engagement in campaigns, community groups, non-profits and elected officials.

Whitney Walker Profile Photo

LD 24 Treasurer - Whitney Walker

Whitney Walker is a native of Virginia holding a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Juris Doctor. During her time as a Law Student, she served as President of the Black Law Student Association, Judicial Clerk for the Arizona Supreme Court, law clerk for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Student Attorney for the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council. Because of her Leadership, Whitney is an inaugural member of Arizona Women’s Education & Employment Foundation (AWEE) Leadership Institute for Women and is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Most recently, Whitney served as the Executive Vice President for the Young Democrats of America for the state of Arizona and an appointed National Committeewomen. Drawn to her passion and committed for social justice and equity, Whitney has transition from the corporate setting to the non-profit sector as the Public Policy Coordinator for Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. In her professional capacity, she help establish public policy priorities and lobbies those efforts as they relate to Domestic and Sexual Violence survivors and their families. Whitney was recently appointed to serve a three year term on the Human Relations Commission for the city of Phoenix and is a LFC fellowship 2017 alumni.

Jack Hamblet Profile Photo

LD 24 Fundraising & Events Chair - Jack Hamblet

Jack knocked on his first door for Clean Water Action in 2005 and since has logged over 1000 canvass days, helped dozens of candidates reach voters at their front doors, and worked on campaigns ranging from repealing DOMA to protecting parks. First and foremost he is a canvasser. Last year Jack started volunteering with the LD24 Democrats by helping the incomparable Ray Bradford with our largest annual fundraiser ‘Sweet Synergy’ and took over for Ray when he took on the same role for the Arizona Democratic Party LGBT Caucus. If you are interested in helping fundraise please reach out to Jack after our monthly meetings or at jackwhamblet@gmail.com.

Christina Sampson Profile Photo

LD 24 Communications Chair - Christina Sampson

Christina Sampson is a former print journalist and southwest native. She moved to Arizona in 2010 and immediately knew she’d found a new home.

A lifelong political watcher, Christina’s not sure where her love politics stems from; much to her non-political family’s puzzlement she asked for a subscription to Newsweek for her thirteenth birthday so she could follow the political fisticuffs between then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton.

Christina became a Precinct Committeeperson for the St. Francis Precinct in 2017, joining the communications subcommittee. Back then, she wrote overly-wonky blogs for the district. Today she aims to foster an effective and dynamic relationship between the District’s leadership and its residents.

The only thing Christina loves more than LD24 is her neighborhood. She re-booted both the Greater Orangedale Neighborhood Association and the Greater Orangedale Block watch in early 2018 and works tirelessly to ensure her lived-in but well-loved neighborhood gets the infrastructure, municipal support and grant funding to which it is entitled.

Christina is the first person in her immediate family to attend college and graduated magna cum laude with B.A. in Mass Communications, emphasis on print journalism, from Franklin Pierce University. She also majored in Political Science with an emphasis on global conflict.

Christina has written all manner of copy as both a reporter and digital communications consultant. She has reported for several Arizona publications including the Casa Grande Dispatch and Arcadia News. As the founder and owner of Sampson CopyWrite, LLC she published newsletters for nonprofits and managed social media accounts for a variety of small businesses. Currently, she works for an Arizona-based insurance brokerage.