Executive Board


 LD 24 Chair - Patrick Seifter 

 Patrick Seifter is a native Arizonan, and has been a political activist for over a decade. He is also a painter that has had pieces featured in exhibits including the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMOCA), and has a degree is history from ASU's College of Letters and Sciences. He will work to ensure that LD 24 remains one of the most inclusive, and active districts in the state.



 LD 24 1st Chair - Krista Pacion 









 LD 24 2nd Chair - Damian Preciado

Damian is an transplant from Palm Springs, CA.  Moved here five years ago.  He graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in Latin American Studies and another Philosophy.  Damian's belief in putting people first makes him a great fit in advancing our shared Democratic values.   He has been an active Democrat since he became a naturalized citizen in 2008.  In his free time, he enjoys hiking and debate with his Fiance and friends.  He is a tech enthusiast, and closet artist. Damian is grateful for every opportunity in his life and is eager to share with those who need it most. 



LD 24 Field Outreach Chair - Dominique Medina 

 Dominique is an award-winning New Media Manager with nine years of experience in digital  organizing,  content, list building, and web development. He creates and implements new media  policies that exponentially increase voter and constituency engagement in campaigns, community  groups, non-profits and elected officials.



 LD 24 Treasurer - Marcus Ferrell 

Prior to coming aboard in LD24, Marcus most recently served as the African American Outreach Director for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential race. Prior to his year with Sanders, Marcus was a well known general consultant working races in the Southeast, the Southwest and Chicago. Self-identifying as a community mobilizer, Marcus has successfully worked a long string of social and economic justice issues including movements against Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws, the ‘Free Marissa Alexander’ movement, and multiple actions protesting fatal police shooting of unarmed black men around the country.

His main professional focus is on political empowerment, which directly led him to being invited as a facilitator of the 2014 Congressional Black Caucus Institute bootcamp. Ten different graduates from that class would go on to win their elections in the next cycle.
Marcus’ primary goal as a political consultant is to get more women and people of color elected to public office. Marcus was born and raised in Tallahassee, where he attended the Florida A&M University and is a U.S. Navy veteran where he was a corpsman. He is currently living in Phoenix with his beautiful wife, Dr. Karmella Haynes-Ferrell, who specializes in synthetic biology. The couple has two dogs, Starbuck (a mutt) and Barkley (a blue-nosed pit bull).



LD 24 Fundraising Chair - Ray Bradford

 Ray Barford has organized some of our largest events, Sweet Synergy 2013, the LD24 annual fundraiser, The Diamond Event 2014, for Maricopa County Democratic Party, and Sweet Synergy: Vegas Edition 2015, for District 24 Democrats. Also, organized/produced several small meet-and-greets and fundraisers for Democratic candidates in 2014. Currently involved in fundraising for Hillary Clinton. Ray is a phenomenal resource.



LD 24 Communications Chair - Dawn Gilpin

Dawn has been working in communication in various capacities for over twenty-five years. Much of that time was spent in Bologna, Italy, as an international communication strategy consultant working for clients in a variety of industries. She caught the research bug and headed to Philadelphia to pursue a PhD in Mass Media & Communication at Temple University, which she completed in 2008. Now an Associate Professor at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Dawn teaches classes in public relations, social media, and research methods. She has published in numerous scholarly journals and books on topics such as crisis management, organizational communication, and emerging media; her current research involves online and offline social identity construction.