Ballot Props

ld24 Democrats Ballot Prop Voting Guide

Proposition 125

Would permit the state to adjust certain benefits in the corrections officers' and elected officials' retirement systems to alleviate pension underfunding.

A “NO” vote would maintain the existing pension system payment system as promised to the workers.

Proposition 305

Would expand eligibility vouchers for private schools

A “NO” vote would maintain the current levels of eligibility vouchers, keeping taxpayer money in the public school system.

Proposition 126

Would prohibit the state and each county, city, town, district, or other political subdivision in Arizona from imposing a new or increased tax on services that was not already in effect on December 31, 2017.

A “NO” vote would give state and local governments the ability to make their own decisions about the best way to raise money.

Proposition 306

Would prohibit candidates who finance their political campaigns with public funding from the citizens Clean Elections commission from transferring any campaign funds to a political party or private tax-exempt organization that attempts to influence elections, and subjects the commission's rulemaking procedures to regulatory oversight.

A “NO” vote would keep the existing Clean Elections rules in place, allowing candidates to contract with their political party for services.

Proposition 127

Would replace Arizona's current plan for increasing renewable energy use by imposing a new mandate requiring nongovernmental electric utilities to increase the portion of their retail energy sales generated from certain types of renewable energy resources to 50% by 2030

A “YES” vote would require private utilities to increase their use of solar energy.

Proposition 420 (Scottsdale)

Would amend the city charter to prohibit the alteration of the natural state of preserve lands and limit the use of preserve funds for any purpose other than those specifically outlined in the proposed amendment unless authorized by Scottsdale registered voters at a general or special election.

A “YES” vote would keep the Scottsdale City Council from selling or developing preserve lands without a vote of the people

Scottsdale Question #1

Would authorize the city council to increase the transaction privilege and use taxes in Scottsdale by 0.10% for 10 years to provide funds for transportation improvement projects.