Executive Board

Jade Duran Profile Photo

LD24 Chair - Jade Duran

Jade has spent her entire life taking care of and giving back to people. The oldest of her siblings, a leader in her community, and a role model for her peers; when asked, what gives her passion, she answers “advocacy for those who cannot advocate for themselves.” Much to the chagrin of her wife, she spends all her available time helping those in need, whether they be asylum seekers mistreated by ICE, refugees from the Middle East, at-risk youth, individuals with disabilities, or any underrepresented member of society. She has demonstrated her strength in advocacy by raising funds, organizing volunteers, knocking on doors, and being a voice for the Democratic Party on a state-wide level. She will never be silent when she can speak out, and she will never sit on the sidelines where she can create change. Evident by her chosen profession of Medical Device Engineering, she is technical, thorough, and efficient in all aspects of her life. Additionally, she leads several Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion groups at work, including the Latino Hispanic Business Network, where she is most commonly described by her peers and leaders as “a strikingly compassionate leader.” Specifically because she has such an intense fire for helping those around her, she often forgets and trivializes speaking up for herself. Which is why her wife, Roda, had to write this biography instead. Hi everyone!

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LD24 1st Vice Chair - Krista Pacion

Krista Pacion likes stories, like the one where she met her future husband while volunteering for the Howard Dean campaign in 2003. Or there's the one where she introduced Howard Dean at a women's forum in 2005, left to change for the big Democratic dinner that night, got into an accident--guy ran a stop sign--went to St. Joe's (the same hospital she was born in, yeah, she's a native Arizonan!), saw Governor Napolitano visiting a patient, then got discharged and went to the Democratic dinner anyway--because why not?--where she met AG Terry Goddard and Howard Dean because somehow in all the work of 2005, she was awarded the Democratic Precinct Committee Person of the Year award. True Story.

Other stories surround Krista, I mean, she's experienced a lot in her 15 year tenure in Democratic politics, like a stint as the Pinal County Democrats Treasurer, 2016 Delegate for Hillary Clinton, and 5 years as the President of Emerge Arizona, a role she recently stepped down from, leaving with the largest number of Emerge Arizona women running for office and the best year of fundraising in Emerge Arizona history.

Krista regularly volunteers and hosts candidate fundraisers, owns and occasionally writes for DemocraticDiva.com, and is raising two future women leaders. She loves being the First Vice Chair of LD24 and is proud of the great work happening there.

Krista has never met Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Joe Biden or Michelle Obama but wishes she could (anyone want to pull some strings?). Ask Krista about the time she almost met Nancy Pelosi. It's another great story.

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LD24 2nd Vice Chair - Deborah Nardozzi

As soon as Deborah Nardozzi arrived in Arizona in 2007, she settled down—starting her own business, buying a house, and starting a family. She has now lived in Arizona longer than any other state and claims it as her home.

Deborah’s role as president of her personal assistant company allows her to be fully submersed in Phoenix metro events and nonprofits, including being a board member of Phoenix Community Acupuncture. She has also been a volunteer instructor for the Scottsdale-led Community Emergency Response Teams training, a FEMA program that prepares ordinary citizens to respond to disasters such as major flash floods or lengthy summer power outages.

After becoming a precinct committeeperson in Legislative District 24 in February 2017, she quickly organized her precinct, then the region. Deborah was the first person awarded Precinct Committeeman of the Month for LD24 and accepted the Field Director position in February 2018. Since then, Deborah has implemented the LD24 Getting on Board training series to ensure consistent and continuous training for new and seasoned PCs

Deborah will continue her hard work organizing the field, meeting with neighbors across the valley, and helping get out the vote to turn our state blue as the 2nd Vice Chair of LD24.

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LD24 Outreach - Peter Anderegg

Born in Boston, Peter Lorenzo Anderegg graduated from Harvard University and The Juilliard School before moving to Phoenix in 2007. He started in politics as a leader with the Phoenix Working Young Democrats in 2008 and, after volunteering on various campaigns, was elected as a PC in North High precinct in 2018. A cellist and union activist, he has worked as a campaign organizer for the Arizona Education Association and currently leads the bargaining team for The Phoenix Symphony's musicians, represented by AFM Local 586 - Professional Musicians of Arizona. He is passionate about transforming the government of Arizona to work for the working class and is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

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LD24 Treasurer - Heather Mrowiec


Jack Hamblet Profile Photo

LD24 Fundraising & Events - Jack Hamblet

Jack knocked on his first door for Clean Water Action in 2005 and since has logged over 1000 canvass days, helped dozens of candidates reach voters at their front doors, and worked on campaigns ranging from repealing DOMA to protecting parks. First and foremost he is a canvasser. Last year Jack started volunteering with the LD24 Democrats by helping the incomparable Ray Bradford with our largest annual fundraiser ‘Sweet Synergy’ and took over for Ray when he took on the same role for the Arizona Democratic Party LGBT Caucus. If you are interested in helping fundraise please reach out to Jack after our monthly meetings or at jackwhamblet@gmail.com.

Blaise Caudill Profile Photo

LD24 Communications - Blaise Caudill

As a Tucson-native, Flagstaff transplant, and current Phoenician, Blaise celebrates the diversity of Arizona, in climate and culture. Blaise is passionate about engaging and empowering diverse, non-traditional partners in creative solution ideation. In the past, Blaise was a founding member of Arizona Deliberates, worked with St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, the Alliance for Innovation, and the City of Goodyear to find real solutions to hard problems. After completing his Masters in Public Administration through the Marvin Andrews Fellowship at Arizona State University, Blaise now uses the lessons from his past work in serving as the Chief of Staff to Councilmember Whittaker in the City of Mesa. He looks forward to a future of public service and aspires to make Arizona reflect the inherent ingenuity, creativity, and beauty he sees in it every day.