Request To Speak (RTS): Making your voice heard at the Arizona Legislature

Members of the public can express an opinion on any bill on the Arizona legislative agenda, from the comfort and convenience of any internet connection... if they jump through a few hoops first. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the process of getting into the Request To Speak (RTS) system, so that you can be among those voices.

How do I become a RTS user?

Registering for an RTS account is simple. There are dedicated kiosks at the State Capitol (1700 W Washington St. in Phoenix). All you need to enter is your name, an email address, and a password. 

You can create an account from home, but it cannot be used to indicate an opinion until you have logged on in person at a kiosk. 

What are the advantages of having an active RTS account?

In addition to staying informed about activity at the state legislature, an active account user can express support of or opposition to a bill, leave a comment if desired, and even request the opportunity to speak about the proposed legislation on the House or Senate floor. The opinions and comments are visible to legislators and members of the public reviewing activity on the bill, and can influence voting by elected representatives. 

Do I really have to go downtown myself to do this?

An account has to be activated at a kiosk, but you don't necessarily have to do it yourself! If you come to any LD24 meeting (including new PC information sessions, Uptown Dems, and others), you can request and fill out an RTS account form. Someone from the district will then go down to the Capitol and create an account for you. We'll email you when your account is ready. Change the password of convenience we've created for you, for security, and you're ready to go!

I'm going to be near the Capitol anyway, so I can create my own account. What do I need to do, again?

For more detailed instructions, see this PDF

Okay, I have an account that's been activated at a kiosk. Now what?

Make yourself heard! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our LD24 mailing list, since we often post notices about bills worth tracking. Attend meetings, where our elected representatives and invited guests report on activities in the state house. Use the information to track bills through the legislative process on issues you're passionate about, from education to criminal justice, voting rights to immigration, labor laws to taxes. Having a Request to Speak account makes it easier for you to let your representatives know your opinion, and inform their decision making. The better LD24 is represented in the system, the louder our collective voice.