LD 24 Subcommittees

What are LD24 Subcommittees?

Subcommittees are teams of people who work on specific categories of activities within the districts. You do not need to be a PC to work on a subcommittee.


Chair: Ashley Bridwell

We want to center our inclusivity by ensuring that everything from our meeting locations to our communication materials and messages are accessible to those living with a wide range of physical and mental challenges. This subcommittee works to develop guidelines, review our activities, and perform outreach to help us do better at supporting our constituents with disabilities.


Chair: Amish Shah

This subcommittee brings together data from various internal and external sources, and converts it into formats useful for the overall purposes of the district. This can include maps, demographic data, voter registration database info, and other sources. 


Chair: Dawn Gilpin

Communication is the connective tissue of the LD. Members of this subcommittee are in charge of maintaining the contacts/mailing database, social media, website content, video program, education and training, messaging strategy, and in general producing all content and materials to support the work of the district and the other subcommittees. 


Chair: Damian Preciado

The Field subcommittee is all about recruiting PCs and enabling them to connect effectively with their neighbors. From house parties to clubs and small events, Field is the subcommittee leading our efforts to fill all 300-ish of our available PC slots by 2018. 300 Strong! 

Fundraising & Finance

Chair: Ray Bradford

It takes money to allow us to achieve our goals and keep things operating, and we need to keep track of it. This committee plans and carries out all kinds of events and initiatives to bring in funds and maintain our coffers.

Latino Outreach

Chair: Dominique Medina

A key element of our new emphasis on intersectionality, Latino Outreach focuses specifically on connecting with Latino constituents in LD24. That means canvassing and voter registration in Latino neighborhoods, making sure our materials are available in Spanish, and working with the Communications and Field subcommittees to develop targeted messaging and action strategies when needed.